Saturday, October 25, 2008

Emily & Mitch... Married!

Date: October 17, 2008
Location: East Saugatuck CRC

Emily has been a great family friend for many years, she actually did our engagement pictures for us last summer. So we were very excited and honored when she asked us to photograph their wedding.

You could definately tell that a lot of hard work went into their big day. Emily's mom, Marcia, did all of the flower arrangements and decorating.

The pillar's used during the ceremony have a lot of meaning to the Kraker family. They were made and used in Andrew's brothers wedding, our wedding (exactly one year ago today!) and now Emily's.

And who could beat their grand get away on three wheelers?! Very cool!

Well congratulations guys!

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The Velderman's said...

The pictures are awesome...again!! I love that the bridesmaid dresses are all different styles