Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caitlin's Senior Session

Caitlin's mom, Jill, contacted us awhile ago about doing her daughters senior pictures. After hearing that she would like to have some pictures taken with her dog, Abby, I was very excited. I love dogs! Jill and Caitlin thought that instead of going to the beach or any other locations it would be a good idea to have the session in Kaitlyn's neighborhood. I couldn't have agreed more! They literally have a back yard full of beach grass - - Very cool in my opinion.

Now while I am trying to convince Andrew to have a backyard full of beach grass, you can enjoy the preview!:-)


The Velderman's said...

I LOVE Kaitlyn's eyes!

Sarah said...

Is that Caitlin Cole? If so, I was her 5th grade teacher!! Wow, she's so grown up and beautiful! Congrats Caitlin!