Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kelsi's Senior Session

We knew right away when Kelsi's mom asked us to do her senior pictures that we just had to do them... Why, you ask? Well because her mom is Andrew's Aunt, and you can't say "no" to aunts... (or family at all for that matter.) So we did it, kicking and screaming the entire time... because it was just so awful of course! ;-) Just kidding!!!
We were actually very honored that Aunt Lori and Kelsi wanted us to do her senior pictures. We had a great time wondering around the Holland state park, as well as downtown Holland with the two of them, and Andrew's other cousin, Kara.
After high school, Kelsi plans to go to Hope college and play volleyball with her older sister, (saying that this family likes and is good at sports is an understatement!)

Have a great last year of high school Kelsi, and enjoy your preview!

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Jer, Tam and Jordyn Velderman said...

Those are awesome!! I can't wait to see the rest of them. I especially like the last one (the collage?). I want one with Jer, I, and Jordyn!