Monday, April 28, 2008

Photography Tip #1

This will be the first in my series of photography tips for beginners. I will try to add a new tip every month or so.

Rule of Thirds:

My first tip has to do with composition and your photos focal point. The rule of thirds has been a popular rule in photography for as long as people have been taking pictures. If you look at your LCD and divide the screen in 3 sections vertically and horizontally like a tic tac toe board, you would have 4 intersecting points on your screen. Try taking a picture of your Dog or loved one with their face dead center in the screen. Then take a picture with their face one one of those intersecting points. Make sure your background is interesting but there is nothing that is going to take away from the main focal point of the photo. This is a simple but effective trick that pros have been using for years to make pictures stand out above the rest.

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